Monday, March 23, 2009

facebook name change....should i?

one of my friend ask me to change my name in FB. he told me that is would be better if i use my real name as it's more easier and more formal.

this is the reason why i don't change my name in facebook:
  1. i dunno how to change my name. i'm not even know how to write in english manner...i.e, which one is my first name and which is my last name? care to comment about this?
  2. i think it's better for me to stick with current name. i do that in my friendster , myspace and even in this blog. i never used my real name in cyber community.
  3. as for formality. i'm not really a formal person. i use my real face for my primary picture in every cyber community that i joined so i can be recognised easily. however, people always look at name rather that look at the face. oh, my face/look never change since i was in high school. just mabe now i had moustache, and look mature compared to my old days in school.
  4. people always look, that's why most people can recognised our name. but people never look carefully, if they do surely they can recognised me. ape la....
i still think that i'll change my name in FB. oh, forget to mention that i found many of my old friend back in primary shcool in FB. and for heaven sake, they are friend of my friend. it's quite complicated that having friend from primary school attached to friend from high school. not forget to mention that some of them is friend of my friend in boarding school. whoa, primary school<->secondary school<->boarding school<->primary school again. complicated.

hmmm.... does anybody know online photo album besides Photobucket. PB is s**k. i can't upload my picture there anymore. wtf? oh, i wish i could share some of my picture, but due to my internet condition which is very dissappointing, i can't do that at the moment. huhu..... oh, i do read some blog, friend of friend (nevermind, i don't really know them).... about how jew**h are very intelligent. maybe i'll paste in tomorrow post. wslm.

*p/s-aku dapat ko-Q kompang. wah, berkompang la nampaknya lepas ni. hahhaha....


kaizar said...

try flickr service from yahoo. it's the best of both worlds.

Khaliff Faid Eric said...

Terpulanglah kepada Achtung nak tukar ke tak. In my opinion, nama sendiri lagi better sebab esay searching. Tapi kalau Achtung nak tukar senang je.
Cth nama tu Ahmad Firdaus bin Mustapha, mcm mana nak tukar nama tu kat FB:-
First name: Ahmad Firdaus
Middle name: bin
Last name: Mustapha

Btw, Hajime Shinkai pun is better already. Tapi first-first tu ingat orang Jepun. Hahaha!

(P/s: If we proud who we are, we should proud with the name given to us!)

Khaliff Faid Eric said...

Flickr memang best.
Try Flickr.
Jgn lupa add Cliff nye Flickr:

jon hafkian said...

@kaizar-actually,my pic collection is not so great as others.yeah,i'm not even an amateur photographer. tp x pe la, i'll try flickr.

@khaliff-haha...japanese in malaysia.u know what,my fren from around da world call me hajime.we're in da same group in MHA (i still in contact with them,haha)

i'm proud about my name.just it's too formal for cyber in my opinion.esp when my name has word ad-din (agama) at the back.

jon hafkian said...

haha... i like this post. both stories got comment, about my name in FB and on9 photo album. lain kali tulis yg penting2 shj la...hehe (but i can't stop myself from write anything that appears on my mind at da moment i'm writing).

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