Friday, October 31, 2008

gossip girl ep08

i don't want to talk so much. but 1 thing that i want to stress here is, i don't believe how I'm waiting for Aaron Rose appearance in Gossip Girl before this? omg.....he's not in the same class as others. look at him, his appearance does not give a great impact to the story. unlike what Vanessa had done, or even Georgina Spark.

one more thing to discuss, Little J is so poor. very naive and can't even think of bad consequences. i thought that she's already mature (at least she knows what's best for her own life; fashion). i can smell that Agnes is not a good girl. how can poor Little J still follow Agnes even she's already ruined her night, career, and maybe her life later (don't u think that this Agnes and Max still have a lot of Little J's half naked pic, bunch). haha...most amazing moment. N and Little J kissing. i know, it'll happen.

*p/s- quote for the day.....'every once in a while, a girl craves her fairy-tale ending' i don't want to talk about C and B, D and S this week
nooo....Little J's make up, hair is so bad. damn horrible.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

nice evening

what a nice evening. with red sunset.....wah!!! this pic is actually a photo i took from my room in university. so smooth, so bright, and yet so beautiful. kudos.

oh, just wanna share something. in a few days before, I've read a few blog to satisfy my reading hunger (hunger? whoa!). unfortunately i found this girl blog. she's blogging about her bad vacation in Kuala Lumpur, my hometown. she curse at my hometown. i can bet, if u do read her blog u'll also get mad at her. even though she's telling the truth. i know the truth about my hometown. it's not Singapore (this girl is Singaporean).

no way...this is not Singapore downtown or even woodland (the nearest place in Singapore to Malaysia). a BIG NO. she's apparently go to the wrong place, with wrong people, wrong dress ethic, wrong perception. again, a BIG NO to her if she wants to compare KL with Singapore. maybe u can dress like a prostitute in Singapore but not in malaysia. yes, there's no restriction here for not dress up like a prostitute. however, u'll get what she got here. molested, whistling from guy in PETALING STREET.

now, a BIG OMG too her. who ask her to go to PS? find lower grade things?i dunno know. but from what she's doing, she's complaining about the price there and the quality of things there.... come on girl, PS is not a high class place where u can find grade A LV handbag. all people in malaysia know about this. that place full of fake things. about the price, i think it's about her attitude and her dress again. people will always know that she's not native KL-ites (I'm surprise those people who comment her used word KL-ians).

u don't ask for the best price. so u wont get the lowest price that u may expect from that place. haha.....but my advice, don't go there if u don't want to get rip by those people in PS. so, best quote to her 'you ask for it, you got'.

KLCC. she's complaining about the price there. she say that it's no like the ads bout our Mega Sale. bitch lah this girl. u came at wrong time. nobody will give u price at 70% off 4 times in a year. yes we have 4 times Mega Sale in Malaysia. yes, i know there's up to 70% off price. but don't expect it was there all the time. sometimes, a shop or a brand will use the first week for 70%. sometimes the last week. so come every week if u want those price. if not, stop complaining.

KLCC in Malaysia is just like Harrods in London. do people in London go shopping in Harrods if they want cheaper price? a BIG NO again. in London, go to oxford street. in Malaysia, don't go KLCC if u don't have money. don't go to STARHILL if u don't have money. same like Times Square,LOT !0 and latest Pavillion. those are the place for people with thick pocket.

advice. go to Sungei Wang Plaza, KL Plaza, SOGO, then u'll get cheaper price. u also can go shopping in those elite place actually ( too shopping there!). but make sure, go to ISETAN or Parkson Grand. murah (CHEAP) and u can get a good brand there. stop complaining if u happen to step in the luxurious shop such as LV, D&G (i don't really know what are their names)...confirm u can get high price. compare to Singapore? of coz maaa......this is because our government policy 'belilah barangan buatan Malaysia' or 'buy Malaysian made' (is it the term they use?haha)..... so all the imports goods will be charged at a very high tax..... remind here tax...

oh...u can also go to suburban place like damansara, bangsar, PJ etc....they have sunway pyramid, mid valley, one utama, mutiara damansara, the curve, the gardens, etc....compared to KLCC i think they are better place to go as i commentator suggest to her..... how to get there? surf internet.... use map, bus map, LRT map....don't use taxi if they refuse to use meter. hah...she also curse at our taxi. I've no comment. it's true hah....change ur attitude, taxi driver......

but, go to London.....and take black cab....what do u expect? better price that ur homeland taxis? u're dreaming. next is about food that she claimed expensive. of coz KLCC, Times Square. it's just like u eat in restaurant in Changi Airport ( i think all the restaurant in airport are relatively expensive)...sure, tourist spot are always expensive. don't go to international restaurant, don't eat at those places food court if u have no money or lack of money. go to mamak stall, hawker, ask people..... u're acting like a princess, i can guarantee u also can be cheated if u go to other countries.

I'm so mad at her....really frustrating. she's scolding commentators. she said it's her own blog. she can say anything what she want. of course u can do that. but then she's complaining about others countries. posting in the internet. can be surf anywhere in the world.yes, she has her own right on her own thought. but others also have their own right to defend their country. she's talking bad about their country (mine also). who wont get mad? what if people tell everyone in the world that ur mother is a prostitute. even u have ur right to think bad about his/her mother, but u can't talk bad about others. just DON'T. other also have their own right that u've spoiled. obviously u've talk something over the limit.

she's talking bad about malaysia. is she a good person? no.... she's talking about integrity. but i can assure that she has no manner at all. no integrity. she keep on complaining about those guy who whistled at her, molesting. byes, those are bad people. but is she a real 'noble' person? again a BIG NO. i can assure that i'll slap at her face if she talked like this in front of me. i know others will do that too. she can't complain, coz I'm just swing my hand. and she's unfortunately be in front of what? go away (she does chased people away from her blog). don't complain just because u get slapped by me. u're happen to be in my place, shoooh....and I'm just swing my that wrong? it's my right to do anything that i want. even swing my hand....STOP COMPLAINING OTHERS. if she doesn't want to be complained too...

i know, my country is not a very perfect one like her country (a fine country). but don't talk bad about my country. don't talk bad about my people. she said KL-ians (bullshit, KL-ites lorr) is bad s**t etc....she said that she can't mention Malaysian coz not all people in Malaysia are bad. but then, she's already cursed KL-ians. so what? is all KL-ians bad like what she has mentioned? nonono.....go away, stay in ur own closet. i can assure other places also has their own bad side and lackness. i've travel around UK and most of it's big city like London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh etc.....they are also have their own lack. London is not really safe if u go by ur own (yes, admitted by my friend who lived in UK). black cab is also can be dangerous...especially during midnight. traffic jam is worse that KL....somehow, parking lot is really limited. but i don't say anything bad about London. no...i don't cursed London.

she can talk bad from my opinion. if that is her own experience. and she wants to share with others. but do use appropriate words. do used non offensive words. she's really offensive. she's her blog. influencing people, her blog is very popular, and she shows a very bad attitude. i can assure that others might also agree with me if she is not that offensive. just sharing, writing, and give some suggestion. not condemn.....bad,bad,bad girl.... a singaporean who think that she's a princess from america.

sorry...this is not apply to all Singaporean. i never hate Singaporean.... a good country from my opinion. but this hectic and choyyy girl appear to ruin the pure, good attitude, polite, and educated characteristic that always portray Singaporean.....pity.

*p/s- i've already alter and correct my mistake.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

where is my ring?

huaaa.....just a few days ago i take the pic of my ring...n now,it's already gone.i can't find it.i've search first,i put the ring at my scotland bear.but later,i removed it because i'm worried if i forget where i put it.huargh....y i put it on the table?n now it's gone.gone.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

pesta bola merdeka 2008

huargh.....penat2.tgk drp kt Mc D UTM,balik kolej time 2nd half...x gol2 gak.sambung masa kecederaan 5minit.nothing happen.kasik lagik masa tambahan 30 minit...sama gk.n seperti yg dijangka.....penalti......kalah 5-6.dgn Vietnam!!!omg,it such a lousy match.although it's already final match.pemain2 Vietnam nih,mcm pelompat tinggi je masing2.asyik2 lompat.pastuh jatuh,injured.....hahaha

teringat pulak thn lepas waktu final match ngn Myanmar,omg dahsyat nye player Myanmar nih main.masing2 body x ingat la mcm askar.player kita tahan kasi masa habis je supaya boleh menang sebab dh gol time tuh.btw,bkn rezeki.penalti pon kn.keeper pon muda kn?

*p/s-hantar ke mana ni?hikhikhik
isi minyak tadi,RM50 = 21.79liter...not so bad compared to masa minyak RM2.70/liter,RM60 hanya dpt 22.22liter shj

heroes ep6

  • haha...just done watching heroes latest episode 6 fo season 3
  • finally adam monroe dissappear after 400 years (i thought he is immortal)
  • claire bennet such a brainy heroine in this episode, you'll agree with me
  • i like puzzle face on namesis (haha,forgot her name) when talking to matt parkman
  • petrelli is such a very bad person,he will do anything as long as his mission accomplished
  • peter petrelli,this is my hero during first and second season....until he learn sylar (now called gabriel) power
#p/s-after a few days waiting,then only i can watch this episode...huhu

Friday, October 24, 2008

get out!!!

  1. to my 'dear' enemy, get out from my personal blog!
  2. his/her comrades, get out too!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

my desktop background

this is my background for my desktop (latest.....before this i use pic of tram in Japan). ok this is
briefly about the pic:
ok,why i like this pic most? first of course his works are just astounding. look at this, really mesmerising. my eyes was captured at my first sight in flickr. never seen a pic better than show how great is our KLIA.

'chuck in real life'

  • i've just watch gg latest episode yesterday evening.'chuck in real life'
  • huhu....S and B are friends again since quarreling (giggles..hihi) in yale during 'new haven can wait'
  • C shows his true colour.B absolutely shocked with that.
  • S reveals her mom's weakness infront of national magazine jounalist.
  • E can't bring his bf (oops!!) to the dinner.
  • N and D plays soccer together.but having quarrel because D know N secret (about his homelife)
  • N stays at D house with Humphrey's.
p/s-u may read another spoiler from my friend's blog.prediction on what will happen on next episode,to Bart,to B maybe or anybody else?
-where is
A,the new guy in town that mention in the spoiler for 'new haven can wait'?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

back to normal (really?)

me in bilik kelab....
  1. i'm just back from bilik kelab.....grand meeting (is it?)
  2. mula-mula tuh dh rasa taknak naik sebab nampak kereta abg sebab ade girl yg pandang dr depan bilik kelab,so i've no choice but to join them.
  3. bila sampai kt bilik kelab,yang ada hanyalah my batch (except tasha,ellla),ida,dayah,del....lain,abg su dengan kak rozi.
  4. so,meeting cerita pasal post-mortem debat fomca la.i don't really care.
  5. lepas tu,pemilihan presiden ngn timbalan presiden baru.i've no objection.
  6. habis,ade cerita pasal training royal debate,kem orator dll.i can't join any of this because i still have final paper exams during that date.tournament?i'm not qualified,and of course this has been continuously,repeatably mention by our mandatory coach.
  7. no hard feeling.i don't care.i know i'm not what?
  8. tournament?i'm planning of having vacation again this semester i do last winter,having vacation in united kingdom.but this time maybe langkawi,terengganu or perhaps singapore.
  9. i'll write later about my journey to the west (winter 2007) in the next entry (maybe next-next?)...hahahaha....

my superhero

Your results:
You are Green Lantern

Hot-headed. You have strong
will power and a good imagination

Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
The Flash

Good imagination...haha.that's why my first impression never be wrong.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my give up

  1. pertama kali dalam hidup aku tahu bahawa sesungguhnya kita tak boleh terasa hati...walaupun ini adalah HAK PERIBADI.
  2. kalau aku terasa hati atau quit sekalipun,AKU TAK PERNAH SURUH ORANG LAIN QUIT MCM AKU JUGAK.
  4. aku stay atas dasar KAWAN sahaja.dan aku percaya orang yang TAK BERSALAH,aku tiada hak untuk hukum mereka.
  5. atas dasar itu juga,aku percaya BUKAN kawan2 aku yang menyebabkan aku give up.
  6. org2 lain yang tak tahu-menahu.please SHUT YOUR MOUTH OFF.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

one tree hill

i've just done downloading One Tree Hill s06e05 and s06e06. actually i haven't watch this series since 3rd season episode 15. until then,i've never watch any of this series anymore. so i actually lost track with progress on the characters, story line and the feeling of watching tree hill life. 1 thing is that i still remember the characters when they are still in 3rd season, all of them are still in school, not yet in senior year. here are some of my pic collection from season 1,2,3.

problem problem with blog setting. although i'm an engineering student but i don't really know technical things like this. i try to figure out soon....

remember quote from ada apa dengan cinta by Cinta (dian sastrowardoyo)
"....orang ngomong, anjing gonggong..."

now watching indiana jones and the kingdom of crystal skull... don't really have time before to watch it.

first post

holla....happy EID MUBARAK to all Muslim all around the world. not forget to mention to my family at home, my dad in Scotland, my friends and my relatives.

16th October 2008. 22yrs 29 days old. haha...I'm just celebrating my 22nd birthday last month. any cakes? was on ramadhan. so i don't celebrate my birthday this year (sob...sob...sob)

ok....recently, i'm just done my 2nd test for electronics paper last night. hmmm.....other than that, i've just quit from FOMCA debate team. give up my debate life. concentrate more on my life.....enjoying classes, chatting with friends, dinner at proper time, hanging out with friends again.... i'm just missed all these moment.

i'll not telling my story why i'm so depressed in a few days before. until i'm ready and well prepare to tell the truth.
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