Saturday, October 25, 2008

heroes ep6

  • haha...just done watching heroes latest episode 6 fo season 3
  • finally adam monroe dissappear after 400 years (i thought he is immortal)
  • claire bennet such a brainy heroine in this episode, you'll agree with me
  • i like puzzle face on namesis (haha,forgot her name) when talking to matt parkman
  • petrelli is such a very bad person,he will do anything as long as his mission accomplished
  • peter petrelli,this is my hero during first and second season....until he learn sylar (now called gabriel) power
#p/s-after a few days waiting,then only i can watch this episode...huhu


kaizar said...

peter petrelli's father has the power similar to peter and sylar, except that he absorb them, peter learns and sylar took by killing. seems like all three are the only heroes with the ability to have other abilities using different method. i think the claire bennett side story is predictable, we all know she has regeneration so it's just a matter of time to use it. adam monroe doesn't have anymore use except to revive peter's father, and his power is quite useless as claire already has it. matt parkman's future wife's name is daphne (you should at least do some research before blogging about it though) i don't pick any heroes, but i love the ability to have other abilities using any method will do. "multi" is always my game. :P

jonhafkian said...

haha....saje nk tulis sket je.btw,yup petrelli has the same power like peter and sylar except the method he used.heh,i like super speed lorr.but of course,multi is always everything.

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