Thursday, October 16, 2008

first post

holla....happy EID MUBARAK to all Muslim all around the world. not forget to mention to my family at home, my dad in Scotland, my friends and my relatives.

16th October 2008. 22yrs 29 days old. haha...I'm just celebrating my 22nd birthday last month. any cakes? was on ramadhan. so i don't celebrate my birthday this year (sob...sob...sob)

ok....recently, i'm just done my 2nd test for electronics paper last night. hmmm.....other than that, i've just quit from FOMCA debate team. give up my debate life. concentrate more on my life.....enjoying classes, chatting with friends, dinner at proper time, hanging out with friends again.... i'm just missed all these moment.

i'll not telling my story why i'm so depressed in a few days before. until i'm ready and well prepare to tell the truth.

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