Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 Singapore Part 2: A Beary Good Experience

Hi again,

This is the second part. We're still in Chinatown Singapore. BTW, have I mention that our hostel (the lovely A Beary Good Hostel) is just a few meters from Chinatown MRT station? It is indeed!

Trivia again:
  1. A Beary Good Hostel located inside the Chinatown heritage shophouse, hence it cute size.
  2. A quick shopping can be done downstairs, there are many shops selling ranges of goods, from souvenir (thingking of keychain?) even you may find clothes here.
  3. Eateries are everywhere, being in Chinatown make it top spot for Chinese Cuisine. But since I'm a muslim, it's quite hard for me to find Halal food (or, I'm doubt about their Halal-ness)
  4. Hence, fast food is the best choice! There is a McDonald within walking distance (without crossing road). Food problem settle!
  5. You want to perform solat but staying in hostel make it hard for you? There is a heritage mosque nearby. Masjid Jamae'. It located at the end of the Pagoda St. So again, within walking distance!
Now, lets picture do the talking!
Chinatown street market
chinatown singapore street market
chinatown street market
chinatown shophouse
chinatown street market
to mrt entrance
another angle
big lucky charm
chinatown heritage centre

Masjid Jamae'
masjid jamae' chinatown
masjid jamae' chinatown
masjid jamae' chinatown
masjid jamae' chinatown

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2012 Singapore Part 1: A Beary Good Experience

Hi all,

It's no secret that I love Singapore so much! This year only, I've been there 2 times. First, with my ex-course mate in UTM to USS (universal studio Singapore), in January. Then i went there for 1 more time with my ex-teammate (back then during my uni debate) for a paper conference at peninsula excelsior hotel.

OK, let me start with my accommodation. this is my first time (read: first) overnight in Singapore, wow I'm so excited! but I've got no idea where to stay. hotel, hmm maybe expensive (yeah, I'm a tight budget traveler). so i opted for backpackers hostel. simple Google will tell me that there are many backpackers hostel in Singapore. but mostly in Little India. so I expect that the place to be quite rugged and no-so-tidy as Singapore always be.

Suddenly I found this link. so i just jot down the hostel name and their address. I don't book any of it because of no credit card (pity me T___T). Wish that they'll have extra 2 beds for my friend and I. Finger cross! But it's my lucky day, the first hostel that i went have 2 beds for us. It is a beary good hostel! Plus, this is in Chinatown!

From now on, let just picture do the talking...
a beary good hostel
 a beary good hostel
 beary good in tripadvisor
recommended on
my dorm room 
that's my room!
my dorm room 
view of my room
my dorm room my dorm room my bed my locker
common room, a very cozy place despite the cute size!
 comfy common room comfy common room bears everywhere nice deco nice ceiling lamp kitchen

entertainment area in common room. there's wii,ps3,dvd player,large lcd tv

this hostel have sister, a beary nice hostel. a more homey place to stay!
it is located in a very prime place, Chinatown.
believe it or not,it's only a few steps away from Chinatown MRT station!
for a dorm room, it cost S$26/night, + security fee (refundable)
clean and safe hostel, although the place is very small
free WiFi! cool air-conditioned. hot shower. breakfast provided (simple breakfast)

read my tripadvisor review about this hostel, click here 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 new year resolution

Harap-harap masih belum terlambat untuk membuat azam tahun baru

Sebelum ni, hampir setiap tahun azam aku akan tercapai, hanya 1 shj yg x tercapai... utk grad degree first class....huhuuhu. :(

Maka cabaran tahun ni adalah untuk membuat senarai azam yang boleh dicapai (mungkin)
  1. More and more trip/holiday.Budget tahun ni sebenarnya nak melancong ke Hong kong. Tapi nampaknya tak kesampaian. Sebab tak dapat tiket harga murah. hmmm.... mungkin percutian domestik sahaja seperti beberapa tahun kebelakangan ni. lagipun kekangan masa dan kewangan membataskan banyak hal. 
  2. Get a life insurance. Walaupun aku ada medical benefit drp company yang aku sedang berkhidmat, tapi mungkin aku akan dapatkan juga 1 insurans nyawa, kira ada byk sket backup.... tapi masih dalam pertimbangan. yang penting, kalau aku nak sign up untuk 1 polisi tu, semestinya yang boleh cover untuk aku masuk ke KPJ tanpa apa2 bayaran. kalau tak, boleh jalan daaa.... carik polisi insurans lain.
  3. Quit job. Macam biasa, aku memang benci kerja aku sekarang. Malas da nak explain panjang-panjang. Hari-hari kerja, status Facebook menjadi tempat melempias kemarahan aku. Jadi, aku berazam untuk berhenti kerja.
  4. Move somewhere out of Malaysia. Erti kata lain, aku akan cuba dapatkan kerja lain di luar negara (preferably Singapore or HK). Dapat tu mungkin susah. Tapi namanya pun azam, mesti letak di satu aras yang lebih tinggi. Yeah... Network Engineer L2 atau L3. Katakan tidak kepada L1 daaa....
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