Saturday, February 28, 2009

LI,parking and movie

uweek.... pening. but i still in a happy mood for getting placement for my internship. i'll undergo internship for 10weeks (wtf, only 10 weeks?) with Rapid KL. hopefully it'll be an excitin moment as i'm really into public transportation industries compares to what i'm doing now, electric control and instrumentation.

jason mraz concert. i'm so upset. cannot go meh. i have 2/3 tests next week. and unfortunately all those tests will be on tuesday/wednesday/thursday. so i'll defenitely can't go back to KL to watch his concert. and for heaven sake, i also don't have that such amount of money to watch his concert in singapore as it's price is double than in KL. but, so what? cost for going back to KL (return) is just the same amount of addition price i need to pay in Singapore. however, sad thing.... all ticket in Singapore sold out. SOLD OUT.


my class win bid contract for parking for this coming convocation. all we need to do is, 'jaga parking'. what the heck and wtf? we're already 4th year student and most of us (not me) are final semester student. and for heaven sake, almost all of us are now suffer doing our final year project. it's a silly idea to bid this contract, in my opinion. yes, what do you expect from 4th year a.k.a final year student?

i can work.... i sure can work and i regularly work as traffic surveyor in JB. most of places, highway, bridges, and even immigration complex at Malaysian border. but parking? duh.... i'm sure they will only pay me half from what i get from traffic servey. HALF okay and i have to stand under hot sunny day and even in rainy days (if it's rain).

i just don't understand. they don't do any poll, but just make their own decision after discussing with a few of 'influence' people. shit. do poll first. then only go for bidding, it's fair and square. i don't like any of unfair situation. and now, i'm the victim. poor me. now, is it my fault or their fault? i'm not an 'influenced' person in my class. so defenitely it's not my decision to go for bid the contract.

yesterday, i went to Jusco Tebrau City to watch movie. haha... street fighter: the legend of Chun Li. it was a great movie. far better than that ugly and filthy mudblood (wah tiba2 aku jadi mcm si malfoy) movie, ong bak 2. i'm not saying that i'm really attrack to the movie just because i like Kritin Kruek. yes, she's pretty. i like her, but that's not make me blindly rate this movie as good enough. it's true that it's really good. the action, although the use stuntman, the scenery all i like. oh, Bangkok is sure a big and huge city. i think it's like 8 times larger than KL.

and of course i'm in love with HK. i like the scene where they shot at HK island with background of kowloon. it's really fantastic. 1 thing that always pop in my head. how to pronunce Chun li? is it Choon Li? or Chan Li? my friend call her as Chan and me myself Choon. i heard in the movie some say Chan some say Choon. i think the chinese call her Choon but those idiot whites call her Chan. so which is true? Chan Li or Choon Li? please give some respond in my comment box.


Khaliff Faid said...

Ayo, sedihnya tak dpt pegi concert.

Chun Li sepatutnya pronounce sebagai "Chun" Li bukannya "Chan" Li. Biasalah orang putih sebut lain. Samgak macam sebut nasi lemak jadi lain.

jon hafkian said...

i'm so pity with my fren who also call her as chan.mcm crayon shin chan pulak.

Khaliff Faid said...

Chun Li kalau dalam bahasa Cina ditulis sebagai 春丽 atau dalam sebutan hanyu pinyin ialah Chūn Lì. Jadi "Chan" Li ialah sebutan yang salah. Hehe. Tetiba pula jadi Shin Chan. LOL!

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