Thursday, December 4, 2008

TAG! tic tac toe.....

1) Do you think you're hot?
no...i think i'm cold. so boring isn't it? but u'll defenitely feel calm if u know me better.

2) Upload your favourite pictures of yourself

3) Why do you like that picture?
A- the scenery of my background, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, London Eye.
B - background also, Esplanade: Theatres of The Bay, Singapore 
C- i look Handsome in that pic...hahaah, actually because that pic shows the Orchard sign
D- many sweets there! n me look stunning in that shop. Senai Airport.

4) When was the last time you ate pizza?
last year in 2007. we went out with all club members (u know la).... i don't really into pzza (pizza hut or dominos etc)

5) The last song you listened to?
Hurt by Christina Aguilera, watch the video music at MTV

6) What are you doing right now besides this?
upload pictures in Friendster. i try to do it in Myspace too, but seems that it's more complicated (hahaha, i haven't upload any pic recently in those social network)

7) What name would you prefer besides yours?
besides my real name, i prefer people call me Achtung

8) Who are the next people you will tag?
1. Kaizar (haha...u got to do this)
2. Marcoz
3. Kaklong
4. Bondingsisters
5. Mona

8) Who is number 1?
Kaizar is my senior that i never met him during school days. it's true. by the time i was in school, he's already move to Labuan. so, do this tag. must do. Cliff also tag u la.

10) Say something about number 2,
Marcos. my best friend  during my matriculation days. i don't make many friend during that time. i mean real frined, mostly touch n go type. so Marcos, take this challenge n do da tag. hahaha...

11) Introduce you number 3:
is it Kaklong? hahaha...she's a blogger from NYC. hehe, actually she's my friend in school. now study in Stevens.... kaklong,if u have time, do this tag.

12) How about number 4?
believe it or not? bonding sisters are two different person. combine together in 1 blog. so i tag this to Jwisa, one of the bondingsisters. i know u're now back in Malaysia.

13) Introduce you to number 5:
mona, mona, mona. a friend of mine in UTM. i feel comfortable to hang out with her. very straight forward person and of course very confident.


kaizar said...

done done done! waaa... cam homework da wat tag ni... hik hik.. but fun gak ar wat pictorial tag... wat tag dlu baru wat entries yang lain.. amek! wakakaka

jon hafkian said...

yup..i like pictorial tag

Naimz08 said...

Salam :)..memang kaki jalan saudara ni..bukan setakat local but oversea tuu.minta pendapat brkenaan dgn budget melawat ke luar negara la.Antara negara2 yg saudara prnah lawati...yg mana paling murah but exciting to visit & berbaloi la..wassalam

jon hafkian said...

paling murah pg singapore la...budget ari tuh S$23 shj spend kt singapore.for more detail baca thread terdahulu siap ada thread cite psl tips singapore lagik.cuma sy x cite psl kos dr kl,penginapan sbb sume tuh FOC,sy dok JB.

dubai kos tinggi la.UK next year dh ada air asia x fly g london.bley dpt semurah 99pound kn.cuma everything mahal sbb duit die 5kali ganda drp RM.time sy pg dulu tukaran pound dgn RM adalah 7x ganda.

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