Thursday, December 11, 2008

  1. this is a video tribute to Shinkansen series 0 which retired recently. enjoy the video. i like the background music. i think most of movies (Japan movies) that i watched have this type of music at the end of the movie.
  2. congratulation to debate team UTM (specially for BM team). sorry i can't accompany u guys at recent royal debate tournament. hehe, busy with my window shopping. ahaks.
  3. i still got email from Debat UTM.... who is that? apperently, that email being thrown out to spam. automatic, not me. don't blame me. oh, from that spam email I know that UTM debate team finally reach semi final in Royal Debate (i don't know, nobody tell me,i just read)
  4. last time we reach semi final was when I still in 1st year. Royal Debate in UKM. eh...this year I also got apportunity to go to semi final what, in June (OSHA).... never heard about it? occupational safetey and health act debating tournament.
  5. 1 person google about 'How can i go to terminal 3 by MRT in singapore'.... actually depend on his/her location. ok, i just assume that she's in north and near to NSL....take NSL to City Hall(5). then change train to Pasir Ris (1).... don't try to wait for any train that go to Changi Airport(3) in City Hall... none.
  6. train to Changi only accesible in Tanah Merah station. so, change train in Tanah Merah and board train to Changi Airport(3)... where is terminal 3? the MRT station in Changi actually located between T2 and T3... so when reach to T3, go to exit T3.
  7. recently go to newly open Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa (what a damn bad name).... very nice building, really. and i'm impressed with the open concept used in that building. also the open fountain like in KLCC Park but in smaller size. great! new hotspot for those lived there. at least near to residence housing.
  8. 1 thing that i'm really impressed is the escalator. wow, very fast! indeed, that escalator cI mention is from the carpark to upper deck (fountain park).... very fast like in Singapore. i think, we're heading forward to make our escalator faster. unfortunately, today when I go to this Jusco again, I found that the escalator is going back to typical relax and 'malas-malas' speed of escalator in Malaysia. haiyo...xde duit ke nk byr bil elektrik?
  9. however I still prefer Jusco Wangsa Maju despite it's worn out building, old fashion type, slow escalator.... I don't espect something very der va-va voom from Wangsa Maju Jusco. it's just nice to see, nice to reach..... a few minutes walk (walk ok!) from Wangsa Maju LRT station.


WanHidayat said...

Hello are you???
Wish u have a bless friday....

jon hafkian said...

i'm good....always been good

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