Friday, December 5, 2008

New JB CIQ (Kompleks Sultan Iskandar)

some notice about JB CIQ....

ok...since i got so0 many visitor (haha, not that much actually) from google who googling about new JB CIQ, so i decided to put this video about the experience inside 'em. it's not my own video, i just paste somebody else works.
another trivia about the new CIQ complex
Dubbed an intelligent building, the complex has 76 lanes for cars, which are divided equally to enter and exit the country.

There are 50 lanes in and 50 lanes out for motorcycles, 879 parking bays for cars and 25 for buses.

The payment rates are expected to be the same as the rates charged at the present complex and only Touch n Go cards are allowed to be used for payment.

There are multi-lingual touch screen information display panels to assist visitors entering Johor.

The first floor of the complex will handle clearance for cars and motorcycles while the second floor is for those who travel in buses. Construction of the CIQ began in 2001 and was scheduled to be completed in 2006.
*you must fill the white card before entering Malaysia, as well as other countries in this world.
*me too have to fill white card to enter Singapore, so it's not a big deal. stop complaining our system is fussy, our government is not good etc. it's a normal routine.
*haha...the second statement is only for Singaporean who only knows how to complain other countries espceially Malaysia, but not all of them like that. only certain people in forum.


roc said...

lembap betul mesin kat kik baru ni, huhu, dah la jem pula kat tambak, adesh,,

jon hafkian said...

oh,really?not try yet....but rsnya mcm sama kot kt woodlands kn.jam,beratur panjang....

Naimz08 said...

Saudara Jon boleh tunjukkan lebih banyak gambar2 new CIQ jb tu.Selaku anak jati johor nak tengok gak perkembangan di ibu negeri t'but.Senang citer dh lama x turun jb..pandangan saudara sejujurnya dgn adanya CIQ tu?

jon hafkian said... suka la.sbb pg singapore cantik per dorg nye,now we're in the same league lorr.pic xde la...sbb blom pg masih di kl.

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