Wednesday, November 26, 2008

tips for 1 day travel in Singapore

me and Abg Kai

me and Abg Z

  • take bus to JB and take a short walk to JB CIQ
  • make sure if u're from KL or other places than JB, exchange money first as exchange rates at this place slightly higher than outside there
  • u can cross the roads, or use flyover at JB City Square
  • walk along the road until u reach the CIQ building
  • walk pass through the immigration counter and just show them ur passport
  • fetch a bus to Singapore there,  there are several types of buses that u can use to Singapore. Handal Indah (Causeway Link) CW1 to Kranji MRT, or SBS 170 also to Kranji MRT.
  • fare from JB CIQ to Kranji is RM0.90.
  • take note that there's also bus to Queens St. but I won't suggest u to use this bus as Queens St. does not have MRT station. it's a bus interchange (if i'm not wrong)
  • better go to Kranji as use MRT is a lot easier to travel everywhere
  • they will drop u at Woodlands CIQ to stamp ur passport
  • walk at highest speed as u need to queue up later on
  • take white card (on ur right hand side) and no need to fill in there, just go and queue up
  • this queue will take a long time, so u have time to fill the white card. fill ALL including where u're heading (suggestion, write Orcard)
  • the immigration staff is quite fussy, asking u about IC, where to go etc..... so, prepare ur IC and answer them confidently. be confident.
  • after that, go downstairs and fetch ur bus. u may need to wait for it. take the same bus number (e.g SBS 170)... no need to pay anymore, just use the same tiny ticket
  • this bus will take u to Kranji MRT (about 3 minutes journey)
  • in Kranji MRT station, go to the ticket machie to buy MRT ticket
  • my suggestion, buy ticket to Orchard as u can buy Singapore Tourist Pass there
  • ticket to Orchard is S$2 and S$1 deposit refundable if u return the ticket
  • go upstairs, wait for train which heading to Marina Bay
  • journey to Orchard is about 37minutes. so have a great tim to watch around u. u'll find the public housing are all highrise.
  • ok, 37 minutes passed. arrive at Orchard. tap ur card at gate and go to ticket machine, refund ur deposit (get back S$1)
  • walk a few steps, u may find 2 counters. here buy Singapore Tourist Pass. it cost about S$8/day and S$10 refundable deposit.
  • u can use this card everywhere, unlimited usage within time u pay (for me,  i use for 1 day), basic buses, MRT, LRT.
  • have a great time in Orchard Rd. this is one of the best shopping streets in South East Asia. it just like our Bintang Walk (in Bukit Bintang)
  • ok, places to go after Orchard Rd. City Hall, Esplanade, Raffles Place, Merlion Park, Singapore River, Marina Bay.
  • all these places are near to each other and u can walk using pedestrian walk. they provide a good size of pedestrian walk.
  • take as many pictures as u may see a lot of historic buildings here.
  • walk to Raffles Place where u can find MRT station in the middle of the place.
  • from there, go anywhere u want (shopping complex or maybe any food court)
  • nearest shopping complex is at City Hall station. City Link and Raffles Plaza.
  • take note that Raffles Plaza has a great toilet system (hahahah)'s like japanese modern toilet. use remote control to control everything.
  • here in Raffles Plaza u can eat in Burger King.
  • next, Changi Airport. it's accessible by MRT, no need to pay RM35 for that journey. only use ur unlimited Tourist Pass.
  • take note, train to Changi only at Tanah Merah station. so take train to Tanah Merah (it's heading to Pasir Ris)
  • interchange at tanah Merah.
  • from MRT station in Changi, u can either go to terminal 2 or terminal 3 directly a the station located between those 2 terminal (underground)
  • there are 3 terminal in Changi....(full terminal, excluding Budget Terminal)
  • all can be accessible using sky train. do not hesitate to travel to all the terminal as it's easily done by sky train
  • after complete ur journey in Changi, either go to Orchard or back to Merlion Park to take night picture there.
  • if u want to go to Merlion Park, stop at City Hall and walk to Merlion Park
  • of not, go to City Hall station and interchange with NSL (it heading to Jurong East)
  • stop at Orchard as u need to return the Singapore Tourist Pass (counter closed at 9p.m)
  • get back S$ normal ticket to Kranji S$2 + S$1 deposit
  • 37minutes journey back to Kranji
  • return ticket at ticket machine, get back S$1
  • use that S$1 for bus fare to JB.....SBS 170 or Causewaylink CW1.
  • same process in CIQ as u enter Singapore but they wont stamp ur passport, only take back the rest piece of white card.
  • wait for another bus, go back to JB (no need new ticket)
  • arrive in JB......

me in Orchard Rd.

in Orchard Rd.


  • book hotel in JB as it's much cheaper than in Singapore
  • MUST buy the Singapore Tourist Pass, only S$8 per day
  • bring along plain water in bottle as Singapore is very hot (normal tropical country)
  • bring along battery for ur camera, buy Lithium as it can take pic up to 600 pic.
  • buy in Malaysia, not in Singapore
  • bring along the Singapore map. u may


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