Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my weekend activity

kat tepi highway 2nd link...kerja

haha...masa2 lapang waktu kereta takde (huhu....jalan dr Nusajaya, mana ada org lalu sgt)

dgn Duang sbl kuar outing (this time officially 27hours)
1st location....DIVA. kita karaoke dulu (hahaah...aku duet ngn Cot)
depan Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar lagik
next stop....Zoo Johor Bahru
Hutan Bandar Johor Bahru
Finally, Kota Tinggi
  • ok....watching latest Gossip Girl episode 11 yesterday. not in da mood to comment much about the episode. but of couse, i like when everything going back to normal at Thanksgiving day. B, Little J, N.
  • reconsider of my planning to go to Singapore this weekend. but since nobody is going to accompany me, hmmm......
  • i don't afraid of going by myself. not even a bit. i've gone through harder situation before, in Dubai and in Glasgow.


kaizar said...

the same comment about gossip girl ep 11! singapore here we come!

jonhafkian said...


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