Thursday, November 6, 2008

tag from marcos

1. Your name?
-mohd hafidzuddin.....people call me hafidzuddin(skk,skgs,smkgs), atong/achtung(smss,kmk,buddies,debaters), hafiz/apiz(matrix,uni)

2. Name me your top 5 friends
  • abg kai
  • abg zu
  • furkan
  • khairie
  • akmal,nisa,fana
3. Are they true to you? Why?
-i think so. how could i know why....

4.Which of them you trust the most?
-abg kai.... i dunno, we talked on so much things like games, tv series, life, etc

5.Who would you rather find to talk your problems with?
-actually furkan.....most understanding fren
-abg kai.....we talked on many things, and i'm kinda comfortable to tell him anything

i seldom talk my problems with:
-abg zu...he's always bz (works,life)
-akmal,nisa,fana (doctor,US,bz)

6. Are you in love?

7. Who is that person?

8.Have you ever hug?
with fren, yes....with family, yes. with girls, no....

9.Would you choose love over friends or friends over love? Why?
-love over fren...i've long time crush with my fren (my best fren...she's not on da list)

10.How long had you currently love this person (including when you met)
-love....i don't have any. crush, since the first time i met her, of course.

11.Describe that person
-a very warming fren....very nice, but now,she's changed (for all i know)

12. If you’re dumped and you still like that person, will you wait? Why?
-i'm already dumped (i think)....coz i've already told her, but nothing happen and she's stick with her belief for not having love before married....single but not available (haiyo,i wanna marry her lorr)

13. Is it appropriate for people in the age of teenage to be in a relation?
-definitely not. that's why i'm not her first love. coz i believe, first love very soldom lasts (except winter sonata....then it'll lasts forever)

14. Will it last? Estimate.
-i'm winter sonata guy (hahaah, but i'm not her first love), and i don't know what will happen next (she's already closed her heart to anybody)

15. Will you cry if you lost someone you love? a) How Long? b) Why?
-i'll cry. not if she break up with me but if she dies.....i'll cry. how long? i dunno. why? i can't stand lost because of death.....

16. Will you go back to your ex, though both of you had changed?
-i've no ex.....

17. Had anything ruin your love relation before? a) What is it? relation?no laa...never had love before

18. Is life worthless without love? Why? is something that you can't describe. indescribable...

19.What would you do, if you’re stressed out?
-karaoke....i can even shout..

20. Does hurting yourself helps?
-nope...defenitely nope. it'll cause me more stress (pain!)

21. Are you REALLY into the one you had a crush on now?

22.What did she do, that you love that person so much?
-i don't have her....i'm not in love, i'm not in a relationship with i can do anything or had crush with anybody that i like

23. What is pain inside?
-pain of what? no pain, no gain...hahaah

24. What song reminds you of your crush?
-thank you by Dido

25.What day is the happiest day with your crush? Why?
-we went out....2 times.

You, Hygeine, Environment…
1.How many times do you bath a day?
-2-3 times...depends

2.Do you often wash your hair?

3.If your friend is a dirty, smelly person, say something mandi

4.If someone, your friend or your love ones FART infront of you, what is your reaction?

5. Is pimples something that makes you feel people will feel “eek-ish”?
-i think so.....

People I tag
-zzz (kalo ko bc la)

*next time please tag me with something else, defenitely not about love.


kaizar said...

i'm tagged? ah, sweet ol tagging time! so terharu but then... "NO EX"? wah, very questionable... ok ok time to answer plak!

jonhafkian said...


Khairie said...

hehehe.. nnt aku tag ko dgn benda laen plak.. hahaha XD

jonhafkian said...

kalo xbest ak mls nk wat

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