Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i am not Singaporean

hahaah,last weekend i've been to singapore with my buddies Abg Kai and Abg Z. so far,we came out early in the morning from UTM and take bus from UTM to JB. from City Square bus stop (it's a bus hub),we take a short walk to JB CIQ. before that we went to KTM JB station to buy ticket back to KL. so in JB CIQ it's all very easy process, the immigration officer only look at our passport and we can proceed to take bus to Woodlands. after that, we take Handal indah bus (causewaylink) CW1 to go to Kranji MRT station.

with ABG Kai in bus to Woodland

Abg Z

arrive at Woodlands CIQ (Singapore part), we need to disembark and pass through immigration to stamp our passport and white card (visiting pass). so we go upstairs and fill in the white pass, after that start queuing (very long line that u will never expect). we need to wait as our line actually comprise of 2 lines to go to an officer instead of 1 line to 1 officer (i don't realised this at first,no luck). then after waiting for a long queue, it's about my turn to stamp my passport. i give him my passport and the white card. he examine every page of my passport (omg,such a strict immigration), and then he asked me about my IC. so i show him my IC. he then ask me where i want to go (eh,Singapore la,where else?). so, simply told him Orchard. he told me that I need rite where iwanna go next time (ala,ko ingat ak nk pg orchard je ke?). no photo taking allowed in CIQ Complex. huhu,wait for next bus (still using the same ticket). about 20 minutes waiting, bus is coming.

me in Kranji station

Abg Kai n Abg Z

we arrives at Kranji MRT station. the first thing that my eyes captured is rubbish. just next to where the bus parked. ok now, who says that Singapore is clean country? it's not like what have been rumoured all this while (sama je mcm negara lain,ala KL pon mcm tuh je). 2nd sight, kedai baju (haha,selalu org kutuk sgt KL Sentral tuh Kamdar ek.skrg stesen kecik kt Singapore pon Kamdar gk). ok,we proceed to the ticket machine to buy ticket to Orchard (mahal gle,S$2 fare, S$1 deposit). luckily the diposit is refundable if we return the ticket. journey to Orchard is quite long. 37minutes from Kranji. the MRT track is basically very straight. u'll never find those in KL. hahaha, i like the scenery from MRT. the public housing is located along MRT line and densely at MRT stations. the public housing is all highrise, never see terrace house along the way. the public housing also have their own shopping complex so that they don't have to go elsewhere to buy grocerries (even shopping). multistory car park (in Malaysia, only apartment and condominium have multistory carpark, umah flat berangan la). oh,swimming pool above the car park. school located near house. MRT stations have parking for bicycle (hey, Singaporean go to MRT by cycling).

the MRT is very long (8 carriages) and densely packed with people. luckily we board at Kranji (only few stations before it), so we can sit unlike others who have to stand. suddenly i see an old chinese woman who is standing almost near me. so i gave her my seat coz i can stand (muda lagik kn). i'm supprised that she did not thanked me or even smile. do nothing like i don't give her treat. omg, very third class minded. who says that singaporean is polite? at least smile. ok, next we arrive at Orchard station. guess what happened here? i come from train, so people outside train should wait for us to disembark then only they can embark. but then, they give us no chance to disembark. so i just push those infront of me, then only i can go out from train. again, who says that singaporean is polite?

we hop on the escalator. it's very fast escalator. i've never been on such fast escalator before. so it's true that people claimed Singapore has fast escalator, kudos to them. i like it. touch the card and redeem our deposit at the ticket machine. got back our S$1. ask the service counter about Singapore Tourist Pass. she told us the direction to the counter where we can buy the pass. bought the card for S$8/day and S$10 deposit refundable = S$18.

in front of Orchard station

after that, go out from Orchard station and start our 'cuci mata' activity. the first building that i saw is BHAW. it's show brothers i think. the old malay movie producer (P Ramlee eras). then we walked along Orchard road. taking pictures (hehe, so many)......until i've no idea where we're heading because there's no other shopping complex anymore. but instead of lost, i manage to find Hard Rock Cafe (luckily, so i don't count it as lost).

go back to Orchard station, and we keep walking pass through it. in the middle of our 'cucic mata' walk, there's reporter approaches us. asking our opinion about a game of constructing pyramid using plastic glass by a small kid there. she also asked one of us to play that game. so Abg Kai give it a try. hahahah.....got opportunity to appear on Singapore TV. from there we also see open escalater at Isetan i think. outside building, no roof: open. walk,walk,walk.......oh, Orchard road is like our Bintang Walk but they have big pedestrian path and very straight way. finally we found Somerset station, but need to walk in construction site like in Plaza Rakyat walkway from Puduraya. only they have wall fan in the temporary pedestrian walk. embark into train, go to City Hall station.

we manage to take so many picture in City Hall. basically City Hall is just like KLCC station. linked directly to shopping complex (Raffles Plaza if i'm not wrong) and City Link (underground shopping Complex). go outside station and walk along the road. at the end of the rad is The Esplanade: Theatres of The Bay. we also manage to take pictures of the old City Hall building (it's a heritage building)....ala mcm Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad and Dataran Merdeka (but the field is not nice like Dataran Merdeka). oh, when we are busy taking pictures there's tourist approach us to ask about way to Merlion Park....hey, am i look like native Singapore? i'm not a Singaporean. please.

continue walking toward Singapore River. manage to find Raffles Statue at the riverside. there's boat tournament at the river (mengayuh sampan)..... watch for a while. continue walking. see the Fullerton Hotel. wow, such a fantastic building! cross the road and we reach Merlion Park eventually. the scenery there is really great. the Merlion with skyscrapper as the background. taking pictures again...click!click!

take a rest at One Fullerton, next to Merlion Park. again, there's a tourist ask us about way to Raffles Place. i told her the way and even show the map. but she's such a pity, can't speak english. at first she is ok, but after she asked me where to cross the road everything went upside down. she can't understand english. she even speak chinese to me (am i look like a chinese? hahahah)..... luckily an old chinese woman see us and with no hesitate she assist that pity girl to Raffles Place. sorry i can't help if u're not speaking english. bahasa melayu is better.

croosroads and walk, a few minutes later we reach at Raffles Place. see, i'm not lost to find the way to Raffles Place. if she can understand me well, she also won't find problem to reach Raffles Place. take MRT to City Hall. go to Burger King and having lunch there. i wuz charged at S$7.75 for meals. slightly expensive than Malaysia. i think it's about RM3-RM4. then, go to washroom. guess what? the washroom is perfect. even got those Japanese toilet. so, once in a lifetime to find it without paying 've no hesitate to use the toilet. tekan2 mcm psp bak kata Diloz, n ade heater lagi kt tpt duduk. ade blower. wow, best.

going out and discover that it's already rain. so, we have no choice but to cancel our trip to Sentosa Island. plan B, go to Changi Airport. no need to go out. just take MRT and we'll reach there easily. in order to go to Changi airport, we need to use EWL, so i wait for train line 3 to arrive as it heading to Changi. but after 3 trains arrive, it's all train line 1 only wich leads to Pasir Ris. i wonder, why there's no train 3? so i look carefully to the signboard, line 3 Changi interchnge at Tanah Merah. (why they don't bold the font?).....so we go to Tanah Merah, change MRT to Changi.

arrive at terminal Changi and use to escalator to terminal 2. wow, great, 1st time here. so, this is the 2nd best airport in the world (or 1st)..... terminal 2 is so pretty. i'm amazed the interior of the terminal. take a rest, after that, use sky train to terminal 1. this terminal i find it resemble Subang Airport. very small. but i like the waterfall from floor to floor. scenic. next, newest terminal. terminal 3, but only take picture. we can' be there for a long time as we're rushing to go to Marina Bay. taking MRT to Marina Bay. but sadly, the shuttle only run during day and last shuttle is at 8p.m. so, we go to Raffles Place to go to Merlion Park. here in train we met an indian woman who is very polite and helping type. she asked us where to go, and tell us that we're in the right train. so glad to see her. so Singaporean not all impolite.

walk very fast to Merlion Park, take night picture. head back to Raffles Place, take MRT to Orchard station. we need to reach Orchard before 9p.m. the counter for refund only open until 9p.m. so we are again rushing board in train. i ask a malay guy if i'm in the right train to Orchard, he reply yes. with smile, so Singaporean is not all impolite. reach at Orchard at 8.45p.m. luckily, so we manage to refund and get our S$10 deposite. use to buy another normal ticket at S$3 to Kranji. borad in train to Kranji. i sat next to an i-phone boy. wow i phone! there's also a few people playing psp. it's kinda fashion here people holding psp. almost all place i go, there must be at least 1 person with psp.

reach Kranji station, refund deposit. got back S$1, use it as our bus fare S$1, take sbs 170 bus to JB. reach Woodlands, immigration process and take another bus. reach JB. end our journey.


kaizar said...

aiyark! panjang nyer cerpen!

Khaliff Faid said...

Wah, bestnye citer pasal Singapore ni!
Ulasan ala-ala penulis travel guide book.
Nak blog ni sebagai guidance utk travel Singapore tahun depan!

jonhafkian said...

i like...thanx for the complement.

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