Tuesday, March 16, 2010


all 5 of us... Kaizar, Syuk, Shah, Acap n Me
gandingan hebat Acap n Me utk surprise party ni
Me, Kaizar, Syuk n Shah... sesi memotong kek
Me, Syuk, Shah n Acap
Kaizar, Mac, Syuk n Me... at another surprise party (Along)

last weekend (particularly on saturday night), we throw a surprise party for our fren Syuk due to his 25th birthday. it's a surprise, so not many friend were invited to the party. it's unintentionally and we never plan to exclude any of our close fren (u know who?) to join this party.

firstly, this party should be done in KTV karaoke in Imbi Plaza. but Acap n me were in Gombak (still on the way) and we can't make it on time to Bukit Bintang. so we change the plan (which is no. xx plan) to the latest plan. throw a surprise party at A&W next to McDonald Bukit Bintang.

to make things clear, i don't expect that there will be only 5 people (which i expect more than that at first) participate.... so, do we have to wait for other people to come just to start the party? hello, it's surprise.... so, make it as soon as possible as the cake arrive (it means me n acap, who bring the cake) or it'll won't be surprise anymore. n.... it's not a PRIVATE PARTY. none of us intentionally make this party as private. NEVER.

so, sorry from deep of our heart if anybody felt hurt, forgotten, etc because they are not invited. sorry.

*happy birthday to Syuk!!!


i.r.k.u.y.s said...

bri kesempatan membaca..thanx alot to actong & the geng...it was my 1st surprise party ever..luv u guys!

jon hafkian said...

xpe...nnt kita wat lg ye.hehehe

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