Thursday, September 17, 2009

hepi bday to me!!!!!

emmmm...... i don't really like to grow up = getting older. but i like to celebrate my birthday. even there's no cake, no candles, no such part..... at least i'm wishing my own birthday and i can wish something for myself.... nk wish ape ye bday kali ni?

let me think first. if i want a walkman, i already got one a few weeks ago. if i want a holiday, i'll get it on 3rd hari raya. going to penang for a day. emmmm, so what else do i really want? i want a ps3? i'm not working yet, so it just a mere fantasy.

hmmmm....... i want a new shoes la this time. my shoes now already 2 years and i bought for 29 pound. so i should get a new one for me. and a pair of jeans. i haven't bought any jeans lately. heheheeh.....(berangan berjmat cermat la ni)

btw, it's my birthday. and i'm no longer a 22 y o boy. i'm now 23. (muka still nampak muda la yang pentingnya....haahahah). i wanna go home!!!!!


Fareenz said...

heppy besday apis!!!!!!
hehe....sbb besday ko same dgn bf aku..sampai mati (insyallah) aku ingat...hahahaha!!!

semoga apa yang kau hajati akan tercapai...and God bless u!!!!!

jon hafkian said...

thanx farah!!!!

kaizar said...

huppu burthduy uchtung!

dari beli jeans dan kasut je, how about total makeover? kehkehkeh

khairierahman said...

wah wishlist!! ps3?! but better tak payah lagi kot, sebab ps3 punya game takboleh guna pirate lagi.. kalao sanggup beli ori punya, takpe la.. hehehe :p
p/s. just got myself a pair of jeans for the Eid.. hehehe :p

jon hafkian said...

total makeover tu i rs mcm x letak milestone yg achievable.

i x kuar2 lg g shopping ni...huhu

jon hafkian said...

ko tau xpe.....

hahaah...tu berangan je

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