Tuesday, February 23, 2010

february update

camping.... camp1 and camp2 members. introducing my friends, from back... Syuk n me. in the middle, Kaizar, Ekan, Kamrul, front Yusri. a great and enjoying moment in Sungai Congkak. lost in Sg Congkak Idol during the dangdut cycle. heeheh.... i forgot the lyric. JGN LUPA LIRIK!

first time i eat Sushi King (CNY and VD) at Berjaya Times Square. i'm not really into eating uncook (or pre cooked) dishes. but i never (or i try not to) dissappoint my friends request, so i just follow them. hehee....

in LRT to Bukit bintang with Kaizar and Ekan (not in da picture) for the CNY and Valentine Day celebration (however, i don't celebrate VD)....

actually this is January outing with Syuk, Kaizar and Ekan. hanging around Bukit bintang for the whole thursday evening with u guys is so exciting. i'm looking forward to do it again in da future. smile!!!

now i'm officially working and no more unemployment stamp on my forehead. hahaah..... so it's gonna be a tough (is it that tough?) 2 months training without MC (how am i gonna survive this?), without annual leave but all i have is i got da salary which i can't obtain if i stay at home (heheeh).

i'm thinking of joining the next group agenda which is the island trip (it would be Redang trip). but i'm not sure if the training end during the day of our trip. if not i've to miss it and say bye-bye. huhuhu..... i wanna go snorkeling, swimming (although i can't swim).

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