Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 Singapore Part 2: A Beary Good Experience

Hi again,

This is the second part. We're still in Chinatown Singapore. BTW, have I mention that our hostel (the lovely A Beary Good Hostel) is just a few meters from Chinatown MRT station? It is indeed!

Trivia again:
  1. A Beary Good Hostel located inside the Chinatown heritage shophouse, hence it cute size.
  2. A quick shopping can be done downstairs, there are many shops selling ranges of goods, from souvenir (thingking of keychain?) even you may find clothes here.
  3. Eateries are everywhere, being in Chinatown make it top spot for Chinese Cuisine. But since I'm a muslim, it's quite hard for me to find Halal food (or, I'm doubt about their Halal-ness)
  4. Hence, fast food is the best choice! There is a McDonald within walking distance (without crossing road). Food problem settle!
  5. You want to perform solat but staying in hostel make it hard for you? There is a heritage mosque nearby. Masjid Jamae'. It located at the end of the Pagoda St. So again, within walking distance!
Now, lets picture do the talking!
Chinatown street market
chinatown singapore street market
chinatown street market
chinatown shophouse
chinatown street market
to mrt entrance
another angle
big lucky charm
chinatown heritage centre

Masjid Jamae'
masjid jamae' chinatown
masjid jamae' chinatown
masjid jamae' chinatown
masjid jamae' chinatown

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